Poems and Art that Can Help You Understand Mortality

Although mortality and change are difficult or impossible to fully come to terms with, they have inspired some of the most beautiful art humanity has ever created. From Michelangelo’s sculpture, La Pieta, to Shakespeare’s stanzas about Ophelia’s untimely drowning in Hamlet, works of art help us make sense of the inevitability of death and find some beauty in the ephemeral nature of life.

The interconnectedness of death rites and art makes sense, because the creative process helps us come to understand terrible tragedies and reminds us that the experience of living and witnessing life’s beauty makes the promise of future grief bearable. Most funeral or memorial services feature music and visual art in some capacity. In eulogies and remembrances, quotes from poems, books, or song lyrics can also express profound thoughts that help everyone deal with the sadness they feel. When preparing a funeral in local mausoleums in Marlboro, you can look at these examples of poetry that address the theme of death to give yourself solace and pass them on to those grieving around you.
Poetry on the Loneliness of Death and Grieving One of the seminal features of grief is that it is lonely. Mourners have each other and can find solace in the company of others who are hurting over the loss of a loved one. However, to some extent the grieving process is a lonely one. A poem that expresses this idea is by W. H. Auden. In the -Musee des Beaux Arts,” Auden writes: “About suffering they were never wrong,/ The old Masters: how well they understood/ Its human position: how it takes place/ While someone else is eating or opening a window or just walking dully along.” The poem expresses how isolated it can feel suffering and how impossible it seems for life to go on normally after a tragedy. Expressing your feelings of isolation can help, as can sharing bits of wisdom that give form to the feelings.

W.B. Yeats is another poet who wrote on mortality. In “Sailing to Byzantium,” he writes: “That is no country for old men. The young/ In one another’s arms, birds in the trees/ -Those dying generations-at their song.” The poem was written in Yeats’s older years, when he was contemplating getting older and no longer being young and full of spirit. His poems can give a sense of community to those going through a mid-life, or any kind, of crisis. His poems are hopeful in their recognition that memory and beauty are timeless. When you have lost someone, reminding yourself of these truths can make you feel better.

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Fine Art Photography Creativity and Captivity Together

Fine art photography is a newly coined term that has been stipulated from the phenomenon of art photography. Fine art is a comprehensive part of photography and integrated together to give a blend of representation and visual appeal to the masses. Fine art category applies to the wider perspective of art form that displays overall artistic skills in his or her creativity. This type of photography comes beyond the brush paint and canvas allows the use of newly invented techniques and modern equipment like camera and digital canvas. All these equipments are collaboratively help to express his creativity and piece of art. An artist therefore develops creates an artistic fine art photography masterpiece using light, camera and digital photo editing techniques.

The fine art photography is not just deals with the normal capturing of pictures using personal or commercial camera but also deals in taking pictures in the most creative manner possible. Photographers further take important measures to enhance the captured images using skillful photo editing and photo managing methodologies. Newly invented computer editing technologies help photographers to end it up as a beautiful piece of photography art rather a plain photograph. The photographer who has upper hand in such tricky photography regime, use their high end expertise and knowledgebase to make the photography best one. A very creative photographer is the only person who is able to capture the right moments creatively He also composes the shots and later uses his editing skills turn the fine print images into the beautiful works of art. These photographers not only take help of computer photo editing techniques but also make every effort to save his photos the creative milestones.

A fine art category photographer use different techniques and tools to create an artistic masterpiece. He takes advantage of new digital as well as traditional technologies to enhance the photo editing value of the captured photograph. It not only enhances the photograph impression but also adds more value to the photos. If you are in search for some good collection of fine art photography, you may visit several exhibition centers and photography centers where collections are available from different genre of artistic photographers. These are the hubs where photos are available in the form of collections and exhibitions. You may even order these eye catching and captivating photographs from the online stores in very affordable price tag. When it comes to satiate your artistic sense, money doesn’t matter.

Various Types of Services in a Modern Hair Salon

Hair salons nowadays are offering a variety of services according to the changing needs of their clients. This is indeed a benefit for clients since they get everything at one single place and that too at reasonable prices.

Pampering and grooming are two things that both men and women desire. Everyone wants to look perfect. Times have gone when people used to visit a salon for a haircut. These days, hair salons offer services beyond the traditional hair care services. The professionals put in best efforts to provide solutions to clients.

Since, the salon professionals now understand the changing trends and needs; they make sure that they keep updating the techniques and equipments being used. There are several new treatments available at much cheaper cost and the best salons aim at delivering the benefits to their clients.

When The Note Turned Blue

Thom is the youngest of three brothers that grew up in Northwestern Ohio, sons of a father who, during his 89 years in the quick, realized all of his major earthly aspirations. He married the girl of his dreams, sired sons to carry on the family name, was recognized as a respected design engineer, and become a 33rd-degree Mason. I dare say not many men pass beyond the veil of this life as fulfilled. I know I won’t. In addition, the father possessed the artistic ability of Norman Rockwell and was blessed with a lifetime golfing partner for a wife. The only shadow upon his years was the too soon passing of his spouse, a victim of Alzheimer’s disease. He remained mentally astute until the very end. All-in-all; a good life just as he designed and lived it, complete with daily martinis and chain pipe-smoking.

The two older boys followed in their father’s footsteps-or at least earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering. Ah, but Thom, the youngest, heard an uncommon beat to a different tune, a pure harmonic tone, a tune that someday would be recognized as the only sound that could bring men’s hearts to joy; and he went a different direction-as it turned out for much too short a time. His dream was truncated just like his mother’s life, but we’ll get to that.

Meanwhile, the eldest boy admired his kid brother’s chosen course secretly wishing he had pursued something similar. But while the firstborn had desire, he lacked fortitude, talent, and constancy-of-purpose. For local citizens paying attention during the boys’ formative years, the second son seemed to possess the lion’s share of blessings for the trio, earning honors from primary school through college in numerous athletic and scholastic endeavors. He was the -nice- son, not a so-called smart aleck like the other two. It followed, therefore, that he was the favorite of townspeople and parents-but that was all on top. Underneath there was a more menacing nuance, which manifested itself in the unceasing bullying of his younger brother and cousins.

Mauritius – an upcoming wedding destination

Getting ready to tie the knot but still searching for a place that gives you an experience of the ultimate dream wedding and leaving your guests discussing your D-day for the coming ages? Well, with sublime beaches, natural lagoons, colorful mixed culture, tranquil greenery, magnificent blue waters and wonderful people, Mauritius has appeared as a hotshot wedding destination, in recent times.

The friendly locals and their inexhaustible hospitality, abundance of affordable hotels and scrumptious cuisines from all around the world, make Mauritius tour even more sought-after wedding location. Your wedding in Mauritius will be nothing less than an exuberant celebration given the captivating beauty of the island and the impeccable services and inimitable generosity of the Mauritian. The island of Mauritius being a welcoming place for travelers never restricts the dancing sessions and music. This gives your guests an opportunity to let hair down all day long and celebrate your wedding with unparalleled oomph and zeal.

With Mauritius being far away from concrete jungles, maddening crowded streets and skyscrapers, it is essentially divine and soothing. You can celebrate the wedding festivities in their real sense on the beachside. The colonial Mauritian towns encapsulated within the picturesque mountains add reasons of joy to your festivities. The statement by Mark Twain, -God made Mauritius first – then heaven!- would seem to be coming true by sheer exquisiteness of Mauritius.